Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Next meeting of South West England Research & Discussion Circle

GSV Members

Our next meeting will be held in the meeting room at GSV on Wednesday 9 March, from 12:30 to 2:00pm.  If you are able, feel free come in from around noon to enjoy your lunch in the GSV lunch room and make a start sharing your interests and getting to know other members prior to the meeting.  We had quite a few members come in for lunch prior to the last meeting, with lots of interesting discussion.

Next week's the topic for discussion will be ‘Epidemics and Disease in South West England.’  I’ve been ploughing through research materials at the GSV library, the SLV and my own copies of parish burial records over the last month – and the outcome is that this is too big a topic for one meeting.  In particular, the epidemics in the 19th century (especially cholera) have so much detailed coverage in the south west newspapers that the 19th century warrants a separate discussion, which will be carried over to the April meeting.   There is plenty of interesting material on the pre-19th century period to discuss at next week's meeting; certainly it’s had me looking back at the timing of ancestors’ deaths to see if they may have died in one of the many epidemics. 

Please have a look back through your research and see if you can share your knowledge of epidemics that may have impacted on your ancestors in the south west.  Details of any resources you’ve used in your research will be very welcome as well.   I've drawn up a list of epidemics in the south west which I'll share with members - hopefully other members will help expand the list into something pretty comprehensive for us all to use.


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