Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't let your past be bygones!

GSV Writers Group will this week discuss two draft articles - a short memoir of a 17 year-old working in Clew Bay, Ireland, 1958, and a short history of a Melbourne suburban cinema. If you are interested in capturing part of your own family-history, join GSV and its Writers Discussion Group.

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  1. We had another robust discussion this week where we reviewed two excellent articles -
    'A parcel of land, a fluke and a projectionist: 40 years of Waverley Cinema' by Gayle Nicholas, and a memoir, 'Newport house - summer of 1958, Islands' by Jean Dart.

    Jean's piece is written 'from the heart' as many at our meeting observed and it captures wonderfully the summer, social whirl of girlhood in the late '50s in Clew Bay, Ireland. The story of the Waverley Cinema by Gayle is well-written and very valuable in pulling together the researched record as well as an interview with Brian Jean, the founder, projectionist and manager.

    You may like to emulate both, as for the July meeting we have as our writing exercise, ' Writing a short piece about the local shops', and in September we plan to discuss 'Writing memoir'. Jean has read about 150 memoirs in considering what she wanted to achieve!