Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Family History Writers Group

GSV Writers - Wed 4 March
Next week on the first Wednesday of the month the GSV Writers will again be reviewing written pieces that are being worked on by members. The group offers its members advice and suggestions covering any aspects, from readability, meaning and structure to editing, punctuation and spelling. Always useful to have other eyes! The Group is only available as part of GSV Membership.


  1. The two pieces of writing we will discuss include a memoir of a 17 yr old at a summer job in 1958 in Clew Bay, Ireland and the other, a history of a Melbourne suburban cinema. The GSV Writers plan to discuss later in the year, both memoir and 'the local shops' as context in our family history-writing, so these two pieces will be good lead-ins.

  2. And thinking about memoir.. has anyone read Rachel Cusk's 'Aftermath' or Morris Lurie's 'Whole Life'. How will these documents be used by future family-history writers.