Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Online Pedigree / Ancestry Chart

You know how you plan to do something and it becomes a "gunna"?  At long last one of those "gunnas" is now actually online!

This interactive Pedigree / Ancestry Chart was created to assist with the various types of Research Services available through the Genealogical Society of Victoria.  You'll find links to the chart on that page.

Although created for the GSV Research department, the uses are many and a bonus to everyone.  The Pedigree / Ancestry Chart is a PDF file set up as a form.  You can:
  • Complete and email the form to ensure the most productive outcome for your GSV Research Requests
  • Complete some / all of the fields and save the PDF file to your hard drive
  • Electronically input data into the form
  • Download the form
  • Print the form
  • Manually input data
  • Email completed forms to family and other researchers 
Obviously there will be other forms to come - many specific to the different types of GSV Research Services - but the Family Group Sheet will also be converted to a PDF form in the not too distant future.  Keep following this Blog to find out when the Family Group Sheet becomes available.

And be warned - every browser treats PDF Forms differently!  To ensure it works properly, save the FORM to your hard drive and open it in Adobe Reader - all the features should then work.

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