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Heritage and Family History

The Genealogical Society of Victoria's contribution to the 2014 Heritage Week in Victoria is a half-day seminar bringing together Heritage and Family History. 
Being fortunate enough to have worked in both the genealogy and heritage environment it's exciting to understand how each research field can be used to enhance the other. 
Whether you work in the genealogy world or the heritage world, you will find this seminar of interest:

Heritage & Family History Seminar

Presented by: The Genealogical Society of Victoria in conjunction with Heritage Week

DATE: Saturday 12 April 2014
TIME: 10.30 am - 12.30 pm
LOCATION: GSV Meeting Room, Level B1 / 257 Collins Street, Melbourne
COST: GSV Members FREE, Non-members $20.00
BOOKINGS: Booking are essential.  Make Bookings and Payment through
the GSV Online shop or at the GSV reception
IMPORTANT: Initially there will be 25 places for Members and 20 places for
Non-Members.  This may be adjusted after 31 March.

Non-members will also be able to use the GSV Library for the rest of
the day without paying the normal Non-members Day Pass fee.
CANCELLATION: Refunds will only be given if cancellation is made five working days
before the start of this seminar


Susie Zada Why Heritage helps with your Family History research
  How Family History enhances Heritage

A recent discussion on the Victorian Heritage Chat mailing list is a great example of how family history and heritage go hand-in-hand.  A wrong was righted when a Wikipedia entry was created for Edward SNELL - "diarist, artist, civil engineer and surveyor" - responsible for the design of the Geelong-Melbourne railway line - the first country railway line in Australia.

Extra contributions came from members of the mailing list to help round out the Wikipedia entry.  The biographical summary for Edward Snell showed "Children: Emily Charlotte (died as an infant), George Stothert, Emily Lisle, Charles Scott Snell, and 5 others".  Hopefully the entry won't stay like that for long!  That statement "and 5 others" is like a red rag to a genealogist!  No self respecting family historian could allow that the remain!

OK - Children:
  • Emily Charlotte SNELL, born March 1854, Little Scotland, Geelong, Victoria; died 10 April 1854, Newtown, Geelong; buried Eastern Cemetery, Geelong
  • George Stothert SNELL, born 11 July 1855, Newtown, Geelong; baptised 2 September 1855, St Paul's Church of England, Geelong
  • Edward Lisle SNELL, born 29 November 1856, Newtown, Geelong; baptised 30 December 1856, St Paul's Church of England, Geelong
  • Henry Bayley SNELL, born December quarter 1858, Richmond, Yorkshire, England
  • Arthur Bartrum SNELL, born March quarter 1860, Saltash, Cornwall, England
  • Charles Scott SNELL, born September quarter 1862, Saltash, Cornwall, England
  • Alfred Cannan SNELL, born December quarter 1863, Saltash, Cornwall, England
  • Kate Emily SNELL, born 3 May 1865, Saltash, Cornwall, England; married Harold William READ, 1893, St Germans, Cornwall
  • Frederick Allibon SNELL, born March quarter 1868, Saltash, Cornwall, England
That's nine children, all present and accounted for - but that wasn't all that was found in a short burst of research.
When Edward SNELL married Charlotte Elizabeth BAYLEY in Geelong on 23 June 1853, the witnesses were George William BAYLEY [possibly Elizabeth's brother] and Fred KAWERAU.  The latter is significant - you'll understand why if you look at the Wiki entry for Frederick KAWERAU.
And yet another significant piece of information - Edward's daughter Emily Charlotte was buried in a plot owned and occupied by members of Edward PROWSE's family - PROWSE was another business partner.

Genealogists are used to presenting their research in family group sheets, however they become a terrific heritage appendix for engineers, architects, builders and similar.  See this example for architect Albert PURCHAS.
And then there are so many examples of the value of Heritage Studies to family history research!
Come to the seminar and you'll appreciate the connections between Family History and Heritage.

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  1. Two of my great grandfather's sisters married two of Edward Snell's sons. Emma Tonkin married Arthur Bertram Snell and Margaret Whiteway married George Storthert Snell. Their father, Simeon Richards Tonkin retired to Saltash in Cornwall around 1879, he was a mining engineer. Simeon had also been living in Melbourne in 1858. How would I find out more about this story? David Tonkin