Saturday, February 8, 2014

Too hot? Family History research is COOL at the GSV!

The Genealogical Society of Victoria is located in the heart of the city between Elizabeth and Swanston Streets close to trains, trams & buses.  More importantly it's COOL !  We are in the SUB Basement at 257 Collins Street - that's Level B1 which is below the basement.  The outside heat doesn't permeate that low and apart from that the building is air conditioned.
Plan to escape the heat and get a lot more family history research done.  Here's a couple of important issues to remember:
  • The GSV Library is available for Members AND Non-Members.  It's free for Members and $20.00 per person per day for Non-Members.
  • For Non-Members, if you decide to join the GSV within 14 days of paying for a Day Pass we will deduct that $20.00 off your Membership fee.  Have a look at the list of Membership Benefits to help with that decision!
  • Just because we have the word Victoria in our name, our resources definitely aren't limited to Victoria.  Whether you are researching in Victoria, in Australia, in New Zealand, in the UK, in Europe, or in any other country in the world, we are sure to have some resources for you to use.
  • We have an extensive collection of LDS and other parish microfilms
  • We have a ScanPro and PC for saving your image from film or fiche onto your USB
  • We have a large range of subscription databases free for users of our library
  • Our LRAs [Library Research Assistants] have been doing their own family history for decades - they will help you by suggesting various resources and showing you how to find your areas of interest in our catalogue
  • Don't forget our extensive range of Seminars, Courses, Classes, Thursday Talks, Special Interest Groups & discussion circles - some are limited to Members Only but most are available to Non-Members for a fee.  Key events can be selected from the GSV Home page otherwise look at the options under the Activities menu.
  • Check out this blog to learn more about visiting the GSV.
  • We have a separate lunch area so if you want to bring your own lunch you can make a cuppa in our kitchen (50 cents tea or coffee) and relax while you plan your next research step
  • Check out our Library Hours so you can plan your visit to the GSV.  NOTE: Library Hours are different to our Bookshop Hours!
It's much cooler in here than out there!  And the bonus - get lots of Family History research done.

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