Friday, October 4, 2013

1,679 less chances of wasting money!

We've just done a heap of work at the Genealogical Society of Victoria that will help save you money if you order LDS [FamilySearch] films to be viewed here at the GSV.

Since the LDS provided the option for people to order their films online for viewing at their preferred authorised centre, the online LDS Film Ordering database keeps track of the location of the films.  This is particularly relevant for films ordered as EXTENDED as these remain at the authorised centre indefinitely.  What that means is that if you try to order a film for viewing and that film is already at the GSV, the LDS Film Ordering system tells you that it's already here and stops you from spending the money to order it again.  Great news, but until now only useful for films that had been ordered since the Film Ordering system came online.

Over the past 10+ years the GSV has purchased many films from a variety of sources - many of which can now be ordered through the LDS.  Using a terrific option available to us on the FamilySearch web site, we have updated all our "pre-online order" films - that's 1,679 films in total - so that if you try to order ANY of these films for viewing at the GSV you get a message saying that the film you requested is already at your selected Family History Centre [the GSV]!

And you are not able to spend [aka waste] your money ordering a film that is already here!

Now that's what I call a neat feature!

And don't forget that we have a ScanPro in the GSV library which enables you to save images from film or fiche to your USB [copyright permitting].

That is what I call technology working for us and for you - make the most of it!

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