Sunday, August 25, 2013

Announcing Brick Wall Corner

We're starting a brand new feature in Ancestor, the journal of the Genealogical Society of Victoria.  It's called Brick Wall Corner and I promise the "logo" will be better than this one - but hey, I had to start somewhere!

Brick Wall Corner is about YOUR Brick Wall followed by input from YOU, our readers, who may have experienced similar research and sources.  This obviously won't be the option for a quick reply as a submission will appear in one issue, and reader replies or suggestions won't appear until the next issue - 3 months later.

As genealogists and researchers, we can't help ourselves.  How many of you are like me?  Read a question that might involve an area in which we've done some research - and straight away, you're trying to find the answer to that question!  It doesn't matter if you're a member, a GSV Library Research Assistant or a geneaholic.

Brick Wall Corner is your chance to satisfy your obsession with research and take up the challenge.  The format may need to be "tweaked" or changed as we progress however these are the initial guidelines:
  • Open to Members and Non-Members
  • Brick Walls and replies will only be published in Ancestor
  • Maximum of 250 words or image plus 50 words for Brick Wall questions
  • Email to Ancestor using contact form with attachments OR posted to Ancestor Editor, Level B1 257 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 - both clearly identified as Brick Wall Corner
  • Must arrive by closing dates published in Ancestor [1 October is the closing date for the next issue which is December]
  • All submissions must include name and contact details [preferably email]
  • By default, a submission to Ancestor is giving full permission for publication
  • You must confirm that you have copyright ownership or permission for any image to be used
  • Editorial team reserves the right to include, exclude or edit submissions for space or interest reasons.
In addition to the above, replies to submissions:
  • Must arrive by closing dates published in Ancestor to be eligible for inclusion in the next issue [1 January for March issue]
  • Proper sources and references must be provided for replies to be eligible for inclusion 
As with all new initiatives, they don't work if people don't respond or participate - here's your chance!

NOTE: The popular Q&A feature with Jenny Carter will continue in Ancestor as long as you [our Members] continue to submit questions for Jenny to answer.

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