Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Anzac Day and family history

The Genealogical Society of Victoria is closed this Thursday which is a public holiday commemorating Anzac Day.  How appropriate is it that while reviewing some links on the web, I was distracted by the 'Australian First World War Record Finder'.

This amazing application comes from a suite of utilities from the 'Wragge Labs site' and the 'digital history workbench'.  Be prepared to spend some time on these sites and play, play, play!

Have a really good look at the Australian First World War Record Finder and be aware that you can use wild cards in this search.

An example
  • search for FUSSE* in the Family Name field - it will display various entries commencing with FUSSELL and FUSSEN etc.
  • once the results are displayed, pick one from the National Archives of Australia group
  • click on the '+' sign at the end of the entry
  • click on VIEW FILE and prepare to be amazed - the image above right will give you some indication but it's much more fun in real life
What you're seeing is one of the other utilities that can be used in different ways for National Archives of Australia digital files!  If you find a digital entry using the standard RecordSearch, just copy the BARCODE and paste it into this utility - you'll see the same 'wall' of images.  This is so much easier than scrolling through the pages of a digital file one at a time!

And because good things come in threes, what about this little gem based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics?  It's called the Population Browser.

Don't stop there!  Have a really good look around the Wragge Labs site - you won't regret it.

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