Friday, February 1, 2013

Think then read!

Google and the digital age are wonderful for family history researchers, but as we know, not everything is on-line ... yet!
Sometimes old-fashioned books on library shelves - like those at the Genealogical Society of Victoria - are just what we need.

A researcher in the GSV library was trying to work out a location found on an 1866 Victorian birth certificate ... 'New Brighton'.
Where was New Brighton?  Was it near Brighton, a suburb of Melbourne?  She searched Google and all the obvious places including Weston Bate's book on the history of Brighton.

The answer was eventually found in this innocuous looking A5-sized book of 68 pages - A Shire preceded three cities: Moorabbin, Sandringham, Mordialloc by Tom Sheehy.

Not only did it explain New Brighton but mentioned Kingslands, Irishtown, Gipsy Village and Two-acre Village.  You just never know what you'll find 'hidden' on book shelves!  And it's also proof that you can't do your family history without using local history.

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