Saturday, February 23, 2013

British Isles Seminar in Melbourne - don't miss it

Paul Milner is the key speaker at the British Isles seminar in Melbourne on Monday 4th March, 2013, and I have to confess that I am REALLY looking forward to this seminar [see my reasons below].

Paul is giving four presentations throughout the day:
  • Irish land records
  • Finding your Welsh ancestors
  • Overlooked sources for 19th and 20th century Scottish research
  • Follow your migrating ancestors
As a sponsor and co-host, the GSV chose these sessions to provide a good mix in the British Isles [Ireland, Scotland and Wales] and to ensure that they complemented rather than competed with our own program of events.  You'll notice that we didn't choose a presentation specifically for England because of two major events in March at the GSV:
So, why I am looking forward to this seminar so much?

I was speaking to Alan Phillips last week after the UTP cruise and he was "raving" about Paul as a speaker.  I'm afraid that I'm always a little cautious about commendations from one of the organisers [forgive me Alan!] - it's no different to my need to get copies of original records and not accept indexes or transcriptions.

I have just spent a couple of hours finding out for myself.  I love blogs and they are a great way of geting a variety of opinions - and I certainly wasn't disappointed.  I won't make you wade through all the blogs I found.  Instead I've selected individual comments from blogs of other speakers and participants of the UTP cruise, and attendees at Paul's session in Sydney prior to the cruise:
  • If you ever get a chance to hear Paul talk ... definitely go as you will learn so much and you will be excited and enthused
  • Paul is now slotted in as a must-hear speaker in my book
  • I am always happy to hear informed speakers and Paul is definitely informed.  He has the ability to get his point across in a clear manner with good examples so that the information will stick in your memory
  • Paul always got a good crowd.  He's a great speaker, very interesting, educational, and amusing
  • [and one I really enjoyed] ... Paul Milner ... WAS AMAZING! he shared with us SO MUCH it was simply FANTASTIC!!! I think the light bulb came on in my head after his second lecture and I was filling up with ideas faster than I knew.  I would listen to Paul over and over again! a very special person who would be responsible for family trees all over the world that are filled with wonderful information that would otherwise stay locked away forever.  Looking forward to his lecture in Melbourne on March 4th ... be there if you love your family tree.  [and we look forward to seeing Lee-Anne in Melbourne!]
  • See Paul's blog site for more comments by happy attendees at his Sydney session.
I can honestly say I didn't find ANY negative comments - so now perhaps you understand why I'm really looking forward to listening to Paul at what will be a great seminar at a terrific price.  The deadline for the pre-booked registration fee of only $39.50 for the day has been extended to close of business on Thursday 28th February - don't miss it!

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