Monday, January 28, 2013

Help us with a name!

The Genealogical Society of Victoria is about to introduce a new level of membership.  It will be for people aged 18-25 [with proof of age required for eligibility].  This membership classification will be totally digital with no printed copy of our Ancestor journal and no hard-copy communications.  Social networking will be a major focus for these members.
We need your help with a name for this new membership group.  One suggestion to-date is 'Next Generation Genies'.  What do you suggest?
As I was thinking about this blog, another blog hit my screen - how timely!  It was from [the North American arm of findmypast] and titled 'Youth in Genealogy'.
One thread in that blog that kept coming back to me was the ability for these new younger family history researchers to talk to their parents, grandparents, and sometimes great-grandparents.  How often have we heard ... "I wish I'd listened to my 'xyz-ancestor' while he/she was still alive"?
If we knew as much about family history research as we do today when we were younger, not only would we have listened more but we would have known what questions to ask.
This new generation of genealogists have that opportunity - and of course we should encourage them and not just envy them.
Please send me suggestions for this new young membership group - particularly if you are part of that group.


  1. Congratulations GSV on this initiative. It's refreshing to see a society looking towards the future by planning to involve younger people.

  2. As someone who is only a little above this age group, I think this is a great idea. I hope you have lots of younger people take up this opportunity!

  3. What about calling this group 'Digeration'? 'Dig' refers to digital as in digital age and using digital media, and to digging - as in Digger.
    Gayle ( gsv member)

  4. Great idea!
    But 'Next Generation Genies' is a bit tame

    What about something like: XGen or eXtremeGen or eXciteGen for a name with a bit of excitement as well as a link to genealogy, and if you like to genX

    Other possibilities:
    XGenConnect - also emphasises the connectedness of such a group through social networking

    NEXUS (one dictionary meaning is 'connected group')
    or maybe NexusGenies or some other similar combination

  5. Hi Maureen,

    Thanks for the contributions - we will add them to the list for consideration.

    One thing we do need to be wary of is any association with GenX or GenY as the "oldest" GenX people are now in their 30s and the "youngest" GenY people are also in their early 30s.

    Fortunately those sort of classifications are now fading away.