Saturday, January 26, 2013

ALL Victorian Schools by name AND number

Moolap State School c.1918-19
For those who missed the Christmas present from the Genealogical Society of Victoria, we're now wishing you 'Happy Australia Day' with another present - the full index of Victorian Schools as promised.
These files have been compiled from the index to Vision and Realisation: a centenary history of state education in Victoria, Volumes 2 & 3, Education Department of Victoria, Melbourne, 1973.  Various anomalies have been checked in the text and corrected accordingly. Every effort has been made to produce an accurate list of the schools.

The lists include the school name, school number, region, volume number and page number in Vision and Realisation.

These PDF files are copyright and may not be published elsewhere however they may be printed to be used for reference and research:
TIP: It has been noticed that naming conventions in both Volume 2 and Volume 3 have not been consistent. If you cannot find an expected name, use the search or find option.

The three volumes of Vision and Realisation are in the library at the Genealogical Society of Victoria. You should also be able to find copies in other libraries, genealogical societies and historical societies.

Happy Australia Day from the Genealogical Society of Victoria.


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