Friday, July 27, 2012

British Newspaper Archive at the GSV

A subscription to the British Newspaper Archive is now available in the GSV Library.

This site will be very popular with more than 5.4 million pages already available and additions being made daily.  The newspapers are not the same as those available through the State Library or National Library eResources.
The British Newspaper Archive is heavily focused on regional newspapers throughout the UK and Ireland and coverage and details can be found at . 

You will need to book a computer for access to this site - maximum 1 hour per person.  You will also need to register individually to gain access so make sure you have an email address to register and get free access to the papers at the GSV.  Once you have completed your initial registration you will just need to log in with that email address and password the next time you use the British Newspaper Archive at the GSV.  It is important to note that papers accessed at the GSV will not be available to view for free from home and vice versa so don't forget to come armed with your USB stick.

We have been waiting for some time for a library edition to become available so that we could share this site with our library users - now that it's here we're sure that all our visitors will benefit from the British Newspaper Archive.

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