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The person who offered to take over the role of Editor of Ancestor from 2012 was obliged to step down for health reasons early in January. The question of how to go forward with the editing of Ancestor has been the cause of some urgent discussion.

There are two broad areas of responsibility.

The journal content needs to be edited; articles are assessed and edited to fit space and content requirements. There is correspondence from members on a wide range of topics. Photographs and other art work have to be sourced and the copyright conditions established.

The journal needs to be laid out using a desk top publishing program and the production needs to be managed in conjunction with the requirements of the Printing Company. This takes considerable technical expertise and time.

There may be someone who would like to take on the whole job with some help as it currently is done – please speak to Tony Arthur in the first instance.

Another solution to the workload issues is to find three or four people to act as an editorial team – with one person nominated to be “the Editor” so that people know who to go to.

A further person or persons with the technical skills are needed to do the layout work and negotiate with the printer and mailing house.

Matters surrounding advertising will be handled by the new General Manager.

The GSV urgently needs to hear from members who would be prepared to volunteer time to undertake these activities. Ancestor is an important flagship of the GSV. Many members do not come in to use the Library or attend courses and lectures and Ancestor is their main contact with the Society and an important source of information.

If you believe that you would be interested in this sort of work and could contribute to the sort of activities outlined above, you are invited to contact the President, Tony Arthur, in the first instance, Email

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