Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PROV web site and indexes

Hi Folks,

As you may have discovered, PROV are having problems getting their databases and indexes back up and running after their upgrade last weekend.

Rather than just getting annoyed and/or frustrated, do you remember the leisurely times we used to have using old fashioned microfiche and microfiche readers?

Remember that the following INDEXES are available on microfiche in the GSV LIBRARY...

* Assisted Immigrants to Victoria 1839-1871 [includes Book & page numbers NOT shown on Ancestry]

* Unassisted Immigrants to Victoria 1852-1899 [British, Foreign & New Zealand ports]

* Probate records Victoria 1841-1925

And of course we also have the images of Assisted & Unassisted passenger lists on fiche for the 19th century.

At times like this we realise we sometimes rely on the Internet too much!

Regards .............. Susie Z

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