Monday, February 28, 2011

National treasure discovered

Historic trove of WWI photos lost in French barn for nearly 100 years

For nearly a century a unique, precious trove of Australian history has lain hidden and neglected among the dust and cobwebs of an attic in a disused French barn.

Now Ch7’s Sunday Night program has tracked down the incredible cache of 3000 glass plate photographic negatives — featuring Australia’s first Diggers on history’s bloodiest battlefield, the Western Front.

Australian war memorial historians are thrilled with the poignant pictures — many of them the last, or only, images of men before they died in the unspeakable carnage of trench warfare. But together, we need your help in putting names to the faces of the lost diggers.

If you think you know a soldier in these pictures we would love to hear from you, either via SundayNight website or email Sunday Night.

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